Note: The majority of the lyrics available here were copied from lyric sheets available with the albums. Other sources include the 'Light At The End Of The Tunnel: Song Book', FLASHMAGS, and various other reliable(and some not-so-reliable !) sources. If anyone disagrees with any of these lyrics, then please email me with any appropriate corrections !

The guitar TAB for most of these songs is also available.

Sound files are available for various "unreleased" rareties, as well as the usual classics !

The Damned
Damned lyrics for all songs!

Naz Nomad & The Nightmares
Give Daddy The Knife Cindy: 1984 LP.
Songs performed live by Naz Nomad: 1983 - 1992.

Captain Sensible
Women And Captains First: 1982 LP.
The Power of Love: 1983 LP.
Sensible Singles:1984 Compilation album.
Revolution Now: 1989 DBL Album.
The Universe Of Geoffrey Brown: 1993 Album.
Meathead: 1995 Album.
Mad Cows And Englishmen: 1996 Album.

The Phantom Chords
Unreleased POLYDOR album: 1990.
Dave Vanian And The Phantom Chords: 1995.
7"/12" and cover versions

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